An Easy Ice Cream Recipe

Yesterday afternoon I found a carton of cream lurking in my fridge. It was a day past it's use by date. I had bought it last week for our dinner party as it was reduced to 84cents for a quick sale. Then I didn't use it as I made custard instead. How to use it up? I thought about just whipping it to go with the nectarines (story to follow) and then remembered an easy ice cream recipe my Friend Linda had given me.
The other main ingredient is eggs so of course that is just the thing for me to make.
Ice Cream Recipe
4 eggs separated
300 ml cream
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla paste

Whip cream until soft peaks form
Whip egg whites with the sugar until the sugar has dissolved
add vanilla
Beat in egg yolks quickly
fold in the cream,    
Pour into a container and freeze

How easy is that, and it is Delicious

On the dairy theme I am also making some yogurt cheese or Labne today. Just taking one of the containers of my my homemade yogurt  tip it into a strainer lined with a few layers of cheese cloth
and suspend it over a bowl.

Put it into the fridge and leave it for two days to make cheese. If you just  leave if for about three hours you will get a nice, super thick yogurt.    

Yesterday we noticed that the nectarines on the old nectarine tree had quite a bit of fruit fly. I was a bit disappointed as the fruit is beautiful and just getting ripe, and I have worked hard to get rid of fruit fly here. In any case I decided I was not conceding defeat as there are still none in any of the other trees. I picked a big bucket of nectarines. Quite a lot has fly in them
but in many cases as least two thirds of the fruit was OK to use. I decided I would poach them and then freeze them. I love the old fashioned nectarines they remind me of my childhood as we had two trees in our yard. They smell beautiful as you poach them as well and make me feel about 9 years old and back in our yard at Premer. Some of the fruit was still just perfect as well.

Today I will make some nectarine jam as well as poaching some more.
Oh and the duck came back, I found her and her nest of about five eggs! No poultry missing last night.


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