Food for a hot day

It was already 27 degrees when I got up this morning, not quite as early as usual as we had been out to an Australia day party last night, but still before seven. Yesterday ti went over 43 and I think today will be the same. Very hot indeed. The party yesterday was for tennis and a barbecue, I didnt play tennis but a lot of people did despite the heat. Austrlian country folk have this thing about proving their resillience no matter what. Becasue of the heat we didnt eat until pretty late, maybe nine thirty, so by that time a babecu and salad was acceptable and pleasant way to eat. I made mini pavlovas with passionfruit and cream the same as last year.  I dont think many people remebered and they enjoyed them anyway.
Pavlova recipe  It is an obvious thing to take to an Austrlai day party as we have loads of passionfruit at the moment and unlike this time last year still have plenty of eggs every day. Last year I  used frozen egg whites as we were in the midst of drought still and my poultry had stopped laying.
As I was pottering around in the garden in the early morning heat I was wondering what would be good to eat on such a hot day. Something that required little effort, not much cooking and would be cool and refreshing?
Cucumbers seem the obvious place to start, we don't have the saying "cool as a cucumber for nothing", tomatoes are also refreshing, some mint perhaps, basil and coriander. I think I will make a rice vermicelli salad with cucumber, tomatoes, beans and herbs served with a quick duck egg omelet. This will only require me to pick and prepare some vegetables, soak the vermicelli in boiling water and quickly cook the omelet, it only takes about three minutes. I read a nice recipe in the Australian Gardening magazine from Poh that had lots of mint in an omelet, this is not something I have ever thought to do so I will give that a go.
Then I might put some of the plums and nectarines in to the fridge for a cool snack. I think refrigerating fruit detracts from the flavour but on such a hot day it makes sense. The ginger beer is ready to drink as well and that makes a lovely refreshing drink.
I will have to resort to the air conditioner today but at least can think the solar panels will be making lots of power. 


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