Looking forwaard, looking back

New Years day a day for reflection and planning, too hot to do much else really. 2010 was a pretty good year for me, started off well with a lovely family holiday with our girls, their partners and our little grand daughter Jemima. I enjoyed staying with Zoe on my Sydney work trips and we visited quite a lot of restaurants on our food safari. Food safari continued in Paris with Sally when I went to visit the girls in England in August.  After working too hard in September I decided to give up most of my Sydney work and spend more time at home and in the garden. A timely decision as Peter than became ill. He has made a good recovery and is enjoying his new career managing a goat farm down the road from us.
2011 will be quite a different year for us with both having made significant work changes. Hopefully that will mean we get more done here and finally get some animals on the farm. My hopes for the year are to really get the is garden in order and be about 80% self sufficient in fruit, vegetables, herbs and poultry. I hope to swap and sell my excess poultry so that becomes a cost neutral venture. I have been looking more and more at the food we eat and trying to eat as much local produce as we can. I don'tt hink we can aspire to 160 klm diet here as the distances are too great and there are too many staples that are not locally grown, rice, coffee, tea being the main ones i suppose. these days i make all our own soap, washing powder, dog food, pasta, bread, yogurt, jams, pickles, sauces etc. I cook everything pretty much entirely  from scratch and use very little processed food. This summer i am bottling a lot of fruit and I hope tomatoes and tomato sauce. So i plan to continue with all of that.
I have enjoyed my blogging venture now that I have got into a daily routine with it and will continue this year. I would like to learn some more skills in layout etc
. In the community i am working on the new community directory and will continue to support our local newsletter. We will keep up our thank Goodness its Friday Happy hours every fourth Friday and I hope to have time to do meals on wheels this year. I joined the Forbes Garden club at the end of the year and am looking forward to visiting lots of gardens.
Katie and Jemima are visiting in March so it is our aim to have the veranda finished and the garden flourishing for their visit.
Lots to look forward to. I hope you all have happy memories of 2010 and much to anticipate in 2011.


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