Lost and Found

Now I've lost a duck! I had to put everything away early last night as we were going out. I started really early as the day before it had taken over half an hour. The little ducks went straight in, they were actually waiting to be fed. The chooks all went in as soon as I went up there with a feed bucket, even the usually reluctant ones, so I feel as though I have got them retrained again to come in when I feed them. The older turkeys were also cooperative, I couldn't find the smaller ones and went off down the paddock looking for them but when I came back they were all in as well. Including the hen that I lost yesterday. I will have to watch where she hides when I let her out today This just left the three ducks. Usually they are  not a problem which is why i left them to last . Wouldn't you know it, I could only find two. I suspect the other one has a nest somewhere too, not that it will do her any good as we don't have a drake at the moment. Hopefully she will turn up tomorrow.

Meanwhile in the garden I let the silkies out for a forage as it was a hot day and their run, while it has plenty of food, is not so shady. They misbehaved and took themselves off to the vegetable patch. When I went to put them away I found they had unearthed these beautiful potatoes.

 These are growing in a patch that I built on top of the elawn and then just threw lucerne, lawn clippings etc over the top. I have been wondering how they are going as they don't look as healthy as they did when it was raining. So it is great to see that there are lovely potatoes in there.  


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