Orange Farmers Markets

The Farmers Market was on in Orange Orange Farmers Market this morning. although it is quite a long drive, about an hour from here, they are our closest Farmers market and the only opportunity I have to buy, somewhat locally, the things we don't grow here.  Although it was only a small market today I had a successful shopping trip bringing home pork, bacon,  speck and chorizo from the Trunkey Creek Bacon people and a lamb shoulder  from  Wellington Lamb.
It was interesting to notice the things I didn't need to buy as we already heave them, fresh vegetables, stone fruit, garlic, eggs and honey. There were two cheese stalls today. One selling goats cheese and other brie and Camembert made from Jersey cow milk. The Brie is excellent and I am looking forward to trying it.  I aspire to owning a jersey cow and making my own cheese in the not too distant future. I also bought some goats cheese to put with roasted beetroot from our garden. The goats cheese stall had a couple of French Woofers helping to  sell. they were much more outgoing and enthusiastic than the other stall holders.
A stall I had not noticed before was selling sushi, they were making it to order. Sushi for our lunch. a nice bottle of wine and a chocolate peppermint plant to grow on the back steps completed my shopping. Maybe one day there will be a market closer to home.
After a trip to Aldi for staples my pantry and freezer are now stocked up and I plan not to shop for at least a month.


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