I spent most of the weekend in the garden despite the hot weather. We had a thunder storm on Saturday night and got over an inch of rain so that has renewed my gardening energy. Prior to that storm it had been dry all January and now it is getting very hot. 42 degrees forecast for Australia day on Wednesday.
Other than fruit and vegetable maintenance my plan for the weekend was to get the rose gardens back in order. There are three main rose gardens and the climbers. In some ways they have had a very tough summer. Initially it was mild, wet and humid so for the first time we have black spot in the roses. Then it has been hot and dry, usually that is fine but I think all the plants are a bit soft after the cool start to summer. they need to toughen up.
In the meantime the weeds have got away a bit and the mulch needs redoing. So the first and most laborious task was the weeding. Three big barrows of weeds later and I was ready to mulch. I got the Jemima garden all completed but then the weather turned against me.

I was up very early this morning to finish off the mulching but it is extremely windy here today and I want to put down newspaper under the lucerne so will have to wait for a calm day. Instead I weeded, cut back and mulched the succulent garden in front of the shed. It is looking lovely and i really enjoy that all the plants in this garden came from the garden at "Bindawalla" or Margaret's garden.


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