Sourdough Pizza Base

I have been experimenting with my bread baking lately, leaving the sourdough starter out on the bench and feeding it  more often. Consequently when I went to make a pizza base the other night I thought I would use it to make the dough. I don't know why i haven't done this before but in anycase this is what I did.
Using my Kitchenaid mixer with the dough hook on, added 1/2 cup of active starter, 1 cup of tepid water, 1 cup of spelt flour and two cups of bread flour, a bit of salt, I kneaded this until just combined then left it to sit for twenty minutes before kneading, in the Kitchenaid for about four minutes.This is quite a wet dough.  I left it to prove on the bench for about an hour and then as it was a very hot day, popped it in the fridge until an hour before I wanted to use it. On a well floured bench I formed it into a nice ball and then pulled tennis ball size pieces off and stretched them into shape. Placed toppings on and baked in the oven as hot as it will go for about 6 minutes. This worked really well and gave a lovely crispy, tasty base. there was some leftover so I put it back in the fridge. We used it last night, two days since I made it, and it was even better.No photo's didn't think to take any.


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