Summer without Mangoes

I was introduced to Mangoes quite late in life, i guess as a child we ate locally! Since being introduced to Mangoes though they have become a favourite part of our summer. Something interesting has happened this year though, as our garden and orchard has grown and become more productive, we have purchased no fruit since early October when the Mulberries began. I had thought I would pick up a box of Mangoes on one of my Sydney trips but the thought of all the fruit already at home stopped me even looking. So no Mangoes for us this summer. Instead we have been eating Mulberries, passionfruit, Apricots, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, Raspberries and Strawberries, so it has been no hardship. Without any conscious effort we have become locovores, at least in our fruit consumption.
We also ate no tomatoes for months until ours became ripe. This was a conscious decision as I had purchased some particularly tasteless ones and thought why bother. Next year I think we will have enough bottled tomatoes to see us through the winter as well.
With a laden pear tree to ripen soon and loads of fruit in the freezer and bottles I don't think we will eat any "foreign " fruit in the foreseeable future.
Very satisfying indeed.   


Christie said…
Wonderfully satisfying I'm sure! One day I hope to match your efforts, I'm very impressed.

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