Three varieties of Zucchini or Courgette if you like

In line with yesterdays theme of "More being More" in a gardening sense I have planted three varieites of Zucchini this year.
The usual Black Jacks, which were the earlist to go in and are doing very nicely, a nice amount of flowers and fruit and none so far that have got away on me. Although I dont mind if they do as I will put them in the dogs food in that case.

After the success of the trombocino's last  year we have planted just one vine this year. It is encroaching on the surrounding pumkins and melons but i hope they will all survive together, The first Trombocino will be ready to pick tonight. Remember the huge ones that grew at the end of the season last year.  Giant Vegetables
  Trombocino have a firmer textrue than zucchini and a delicote buttery flavour.

From  Diggers Club I received a free packet of Zucchini round de Nice, an heirloom Italian variety. I have never seen these before,t hey have a very cute round fruit. They are also a nice neat sort of bush. I am looking forward to eating the first of these.


Tracy said…
There is always room for more variety in the garden. I chose the rond de nice as one of my free seeds from Digger's too (also the pumpkins and a couple of gamblers choice flowers). I haven't grown the trombocini before but it sounds interesting.

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