Warts and all

or should I say freckles?
The fruit on the Apricot tree has lots of brownish, scabby freckles on much of it.

 Caused by the wet weather and unusual humidity. Despite this we have had a good harvest. Eaten lots of lovely apricots, given some away, made jam and preserved some. The ones that are left are looking pretty sad. I thought I would take them all off the tree and feed them to the poultry ,they love them. But could not bring myself to throw them all out as they still taste delicious. I decided to scrape away the flesh from the spots and make some apricot puree.A bucket full yielded four jars of beautiful puree.The taste of summer put away for the winter.
Also picked the last of the peaches this morning. They have lasted quite well but the late ones are not as good to eat as the earlier ones, they taste a bit watery. As I picked the fruit I gave the tree a bit of a prune and tidy up to try and have strong new growth for next years fruit. I will do the same to the apricot later today as it is far to thick and tall.
Just as these two trees have finished fruiting the first of the blood plums are ripening and that tree is absolutely loaded with fruit. Still hardly any fruit fly despite the apricot tree not being particularly healthy.


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