Introducing Elle

We picked up our new puppy yesterday. She is just beautiful. A black and white border collie with medium length hair, she has lovely markings, white stripe on her face, a white collar and a white patch on her rump. After much deliberation her name is Elle Macpherson,  because she is beautiful, and because Border Collies have a Scottish heritage as does our family the Macphersons. 

Elle travelled well in the car and had a good first night. She has claimed a mat next to Angus's bed as her  bed.

Other than taking one of my shoes for a walk she has been pretty good. I don't think Angus knows what she is or what to do with her. They are starting to make friends I think.
The idea is that they will be company for each other so I hope she doesn't stress him out too much. It will be interesting to train her, she is very smart and will already sit when told to.

Five days away has made a huge difference in the garden. It has weathered the heat wave and we had some rain, 18 mls last Thursday and 11 on Saturday. Everything looks refreshed again. I have a lot of picking to do, tomatoes, beans, Zucchinis, cucumbers, plums,  and passionfruits. All the sunflowers are out and making a beautiful display, such a happy plant.
Yesterday I picked and ate our first ever apple.
It was delicious and I am really pleased to have the trees established and bearing fruit after all the dry years. They have been in for three and a half years. The pome fruit ripens earlier than I would have expected so I think I will need to plant some later varieties and maybe a cooking apple as well.
The weather is much milder now so I am looking forward to some hardworking days in the garden. We have quite a few visitors coming to stay in the next few weeks so it will be good to have it looking well cared for and productive.


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