It's going to be a stinker!

A stinking hot day that is, it was 29 degrees when we got up at six this morning. Yesterday went over forty so I guess we will be up around 42 or so today. There is also a hot  North Westerly wind blowing.
It is so hot the fruit is cooking on the trees.....

I have done what I can to protect the garden, watered well and mulched. I have some old cotton sheets that I have spread over vulnerable areas of the garden to provide some extra shade.

Thank goodness we do have much more shade in the garden than we used to and we have water. 

Plants are amazingly resilient though, yesterday I thought this silver beet was well and truly finished but today it looks good enough to eat .

The first of the sunflowers are flowering, what a pretty sight.
The grapes are almost ripe, they are ripening one by one so you have to pick individual grapes not bunches. They are full of flavour. If Jemima was here she would think they were lollies. Some of them are very small.

The good news on the weather front for us is that rain is forecast from tomorrow onwards and we surely need some. Lets hope the cyclones in Queensland are not as bad as have been predicted. This country is certainly taking a battering. 


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