More Dissapointments

This lifestyle can be tough at times. I've just discovered that our turkey who has been sitting outside the houseyard on her eggs for a  month has been taken by a fox just as the eggs hatched. In hindsight we should have moved her into a safe spot to hatch her eggs but we thought that as she had survived over two weeks she would be alright. I think that fox must have been waiting for the eggs to hatch. Makes me sad. I was so confident we would get about ten little turkeys that I have probably sold too many now. Hopefully the others will go broody soon and we will set them safely this time.
To cheer myself up I took some photos of things that are doing OK. I have finally got some turmeric to grow.

I planted this months ago so hopefully it will form some bulbs before the frost starts and I think I will mulch it really heavily so it comes up again in the spring. The biggest risk is Elle, the puppy, she dug up some of my ginger the other day.
These little rock melons have been delicious, only three of them, they are one of the heritage varieties, I'll save some seed from this one to plant again next year.
The grapes have done really well. We have been eating the little black ones for ages now. They are small and very sweet, packed with flavour. Unlike the commercial black grapes they have tiny seeds. One of the white grapes is also very flavourful but the larger ones are a little bit bland. These vines are only about 18 months old so they have done really well. I propagated some from the prunings last year and they are growing quickly.


Linda Woodrow said…
So sad when animals get got. At least there is some sense of natural justice if it is a native predator, but got by a fox is just sad. But your grapes are doing so well compared to mine - it's just been too wet here this year.
Alisa said…
So sorry to hear about the turkey,the grapes look beautiful
I hate foxes. Very sneaky and very clever. They always manage to take the best bird in the flock too even if you put 'eat me' stickers on the backs of the old birds. Very sorry about your turkey and little unborn babies.

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