Look what happened while I was away for two days!

These rond de  nice zucchini grew into monsters. The  small one is the size I like to pick them at. I thought i had picked everything before I went away but obviously missed these ones.
There are lots of trombocino's as well but fortunately they have not reached monster size yet
and only one largish black jack zucchini.
so I guess the zucchini bread will be on the menu again as well as a zucchini filling for some Cannelloni I plan to make when we have houseguests tomorrow.
There were a couple of cucumbers that had escaped as well which annoyed me as I thought I had picked all the small ones to make my dill pickles the other day. by the way the Dill pickles  are very good and I will be hunting for small cucumbers to make some more. 
I was also pleased with these pickles from the Not Quite Nigella blog. They are like having a jar of lovely  Asian salad in the fridge ready for use at all times.There  is always such a lot to do when I have been away though it gets a bit daunting. I will be away for a few days again next week so will have to try and make sure no ripe vegetables escape my attention before I go.



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