Sharing the fruits of our labour

I have had a run of entertaining over the last few days. A friend came over for lunch on Friday and then we had houseguests for the weekend. I've always enjoyed cooking for friends and family but the enjoyment is significantly magnified when I am cooking and serving almost all of our own produce.
Friday lunch was a zucchini quiche, made with the little rond de Nice zucchinis that I sliced and fried with their flowers attached before adding them to the quiche, of course I used our own fresh eggs.
The finished product, pretty and delicious, served with a potato salad, homemade mayonnaise and tomatoes.
Saturday morning we went to the Orange Farmers Market and derived considerable pleasure from the things we no longer need to buy, fruit, preserves, bread and vegetables. It was interesting to see that there are now two stalls selling organic garlic, maybe I will have to think about if  growing this on a large scale is still a good idea, perhaps I was too slow! We really only needed to buy meat and cheese. I bought the usual yummy Trunky Creek bacon and pork and some Wellington Lamb again.
We chatted with the cheese man from Mudgee and  discovered that he runs cheese making classes. I will go to one later in the year.

While in Orange we had a quick look at the Op shops and I found a great bargain. A beautiful Le Chasseur grill pan. I have wanted one of these for ages but balk at the price, usually around $150, mine was $8 and I have already tried it out.
For dinner with our friends on Saturday we cooked a butterflied leg of the Wellington Lamb. I had planned to do this on the barbecue but as it was raining, after marinating in olive oil, garlic, preserved lemon and parsley, seared it in the pan before putting it in the oven. It developed a great colour. We had this with roast potatoes, Tzatziki and grilled zucchini slices. Very nice. Breakfast the next day featured fresh bread, tomatoes roasted in the oven, Trunky Creek Bacon, and scrambled eggs, as well as passionfruits from our garden and rockmelon from my friends garden. Our friends really enjoyed the super fresh produce we served and wandering about the garden sampling fruit straight from the trees and vines. We still have plums, passionfruits, grapes and apples.


Vicki said…
What a lovely meal for your guests Anne and what a fortunate moment for you to be in the op shop! I have had those moments myself and it's such a thrill!I've just discovered your blog so will go back now and enjoy the reading.
Anne said…
I hope you enjoyed your read Vicki.

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