After the disappointment of my Very Large Pumpkin turning to mush I decided I should start picking some of the other pumpkins in the garden. I am never quite sure when to start to pick them as the folk lore is to wait until the first frost, but we may not get a frost until late June and some of these look pretty much ready now. I decided to pick the one that seemed the most vulnerable to rotting because of its situation in the garden. It is a beauty.
I don't know what the warty looking things on it are but think they look OK. I had carefully marked all my pumpkins so i would know what was what, but the markers have disappeared and the pumpkins are all intertwined so I don't know what variety this is. One of the heritage ones for sure. When I cut it open it looked fine.

It has beautiful seeds that I am going to dry and roast as well. Normally I throw away pumpkin seeds and then buy some to put in bread etc. The Pumpkin was very nice in a red curry with beans and tofu. The great thing about eating locally and seasonally is that you are really looking forward to the new things coming on and a bit tired of the ones you have a glut of. I guess in a few months I will be sick of pumpkin and looking out for the first of the Brassicas. In the meantime we enjoyed our curry and I will make pumpkin chutney soon. Also have found a recipe for pumpkin jam that I am looking forward to trying. 


Christie said…
I hope you'll post about the pumpkin chutney, I'm looking forward to seeing that recipe!
Anne said…
I certainly will Christie, it is a great recipe and I have a new one for Portugese Pumpkin Jam I am looking forward to trying!
Love the warty texture of the skin! The colour looks great.

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