Yesterday I was going to.......

Write a blog post! among other things. Instead I made seven litres of Turkey stock from the carcasses of the birds we "processed" on the weekend. Also three litres of duck stock. I confited the legs and thighs of the ducks. I have never done this before so hope it will turn out OK. I just poached them for about ten hours at 80 degrees in olive oil with garlic, thyme and bay. After I had started I read that you should salt them for a few hours first. The ducks were dissapointinly meagre in flesh, will have to grow them bigger next time.
I then chopped up about six kilos of tomatoes and onions for relish
and a further kilo of tomatoes for Chilli jam,
scooped out the flesh of a bucket and a half of passionfruit and put it in the freezer for later use. I made dog food and yogurt, picked the beans,
tomatoes and cucumbers
and dug out some of the kikuyu from the vegetable garden.

forgot to mention picking green tomatoes for green tomato relish

 and cleaning pumpkin seeds for drying

Today I have written a blog post and am now going to complete the relish and chilli jam, start a new ginger beer plant, start some sour dough bread, cook the beans and slic up the cucmbers. Is this the simple life?
In between times I am trying to do some real (for which people pay me) work, learn to use publisher so I can look after the Eugowra News, train the puppy and get the house ready for our visitors who are arriving in a few days. Phew!


I am very impressed! Are you going to relax a bit when the girls arrive? We have ducks (khaki campbells), but I was too soft to have them slaughtered so now they have retired to live out their lives on our dam. They do look pretty though!

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