Introducing my new girls!

During my blog holiday we took delivery of our first goats. Elisabet, Genevieve and Fetta are three generations of the same family. A friend of Peter's boss is downsizing her milking goat herd and was looking to sell some of her favourite goats to a good home. We have often talked about getting goats but not done anything about it. So in our usual style we jumped in and accepted the offer. I wrote earlier about learning to milk to Goats when we first looked at them. It was great to finally get them here.
the first few days were uneventful but we then had about a week of them escaping at every opportunity. Not that they went far although one day as we were driving off down the road to put Katie on her plane who should we see but the three girls out for a bit of a jaunt! Luckily they ran back home. Peter made some improvements to the fencing and they have been staying in their paddock. We will add an electric fence though. so far they have made no attempt to get in to the garden which is great as their paddock is adjacent to it. We have another little paddock that will be perfect for them but it needs a little work.
Elisabet is  the matriarch and she is a British Alpine. She is in kid and should kid in august so we will be able to begin milking.

Genevieve is her daughter and she is crossed with a Nubian, she is a beautiful goat. We plan to cross her with a Boer goat in a month or so. Our plan is to just have one milking at a time at this point.

Fetta is also Elisabet's daughter she is a very young goat, under twelve months and we will let her grow a bit before getting her in kid. She is British Alpine.
the previous owner had a naming convention of naming each year of kids with names starting with the same letter of the alphabet, starting with A, we have decided to name ours after cheeses. Fetta is the cheese I plan to make first so we have called our first unnamed goat Fetta. I think the next one might be Marscapone!


Chartreuse said…
Fetta's a wonderful name for a goat. My mouth is watering already....for cheese, that is!

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