Reclaiming the compst

When I went to put something the compost yesterday I realised that if I didn't take action soon it would be completely engulfed by the Kikuyu. I think because we had so many years of drought here we hadn't expected the vigorous growth of the Kikuyu. We are both on a mission to get it under control. I have asked lots of gardeners how they do this, inevitably the answer is "Roundup". As we don't use chemical sprays we have to rely on digging and barriers. hopefully in the future we will stay on top of it as well.
Back to the compost, there are three bays of beautiful compost, full of worms and almost ready to use.
It looks reasonable in this area again. I will finish tidying it up today.

Look at the barrow load of Kikuyu i dug out.
The good thing about this lawn is that it is very resilient, very soft and outgrows most weeds. Just needs to be controlled.


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