Home Made Filo Pastry

I love watching cooking shows and despite some of its obvious flaws  am a masterchef tragic, I learn so much from these shows.
A week or so ago George made home made filo pastry, I was really interested in this and looking for an opportunity to give it a try.
We were going to a trivia night on Saturday and needed to bring some food to share so I thought I would make some little pumpkin pies using home made filo.
It looked easy when George was making it and the surprise was it was actually very easy.

Filo Pastry
400g plain flour
1 tsp salt
2 tablespoons Olive oil
200 ml warm water

process all ingredients in food processor until it forms a balls
knead for a few m inutes and place in a lightly oiled bowl
cover with glad wrap and let rest fro about two hours

Then divide into eight pieces
Put through pasta machine on highest setting then fold over on itself and repeat
Gradually decrease setting on machine and put the pastry through until it is very thin

cut into desired shape, I made small rectangles to fit a muffin tin
Brush with melted clarified butter then put another sheet on top
I used two sheets, the pastry was much more pliable then the purchased product allowing me to make very cute little pies a bit like an Asian dim sum in shape
I filled them with a mixture of roast pumpkin and ricotta then baked them for about fifteen minutes in a hot oven.

I was really pleased with this recipe and will definitely make it  again in preference to the manufactured product a very different outcome.


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