Most of the blogs I read Celebrate Country Life and are full of lovely food, images etc. I am all for this but today I just want to get the "Mice" thing off my chest. The Mice plague has turned me into a cheerful killer, now how did that happen? Last night I was talking to my neighbour on the phone about the most effective way of killing mice, we exchanged some tips. This neighbour is a very urban man, still running his Sydney consultancy business but the mice have brought us to this.
We have numerous traps in the house, the little grey snap ones. They work well when baited with peanut butter, i don't think I will eat peanut butter again it is now firmly associated with these horrible creatures. We  thought the wet weather might spell the end of the plague, but to date what is has done is bring them back inside. I have caught three in the bathroom already this morning and it is only ten thirty. I literally emptied the trap, put it back in place, sat down and snap, another one!
In the shed I have these little wire cages, you put some grain in them and the mice run in and eat the grain then cant get out. the most I have caught at any one time is twenty, you them drop the trap in the bucket of water so they drown! Then you have to empty the horrible cages and set them again, ghastly. but i do it gladly as I am happy to have  more dead mice. Elle, my puppy, eats quite a few, and now we are a bait free zone that is fine. I'm also going to get some cats.
I'm going to a few nice things this week, garden club and biggest morning tea, I'll bet the nicely dressed ladies will be talking about killing mice!


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