The passing of time

I have an acquaintance who always arrives in a flurry and complains endlessly of how busy she is. More than any of my erstwhile colleagues in the world of welfare, and that is really saying something. This caused me to reflect on the nature of busyness and the passing of time. Our lifestyle presents many tasks and occupations that need to be done in order for our life to be lived in this manner. Chooks need to be fed, goats let out, bread made etc.   Then there are the dogs that need walking and the old horse who needs a bit of TLC to make it through the winter. Don't forget to make the yogurt or there will be none and those tomatoes need to be pickled today. That is how may days go when I am at home. These days I am also the editor of the Monthly Eugowra News so I need to make some time to attend to this, maybe make a phone call or write a story. I hope to have time to fine tune it all before publication. The majority of the tasks that fill my day are things I have chosen to do.  they are not all pleasant, think of the mice! The days are very full and quite planned in order to fit in the things I want to fill in. They pass very quickly, time does not hang heavily at all and here we are almost at winter when it feels like it was just Christmas. Surely this is a good thing, to have days full of mostly enjoyable tasks, to be fully occupied and at times a little stretched. Many of our daily tasks require a bit of deliberate slowness and thoughtfulness they cant be rushed. Making bread, slow cooking, gardening etc. I am going to make a deliberate effort to not say I am busy. Rich in occupation, engaged in life perhaps instead.
The rich autumn colour in the garden this autumn is a reminder of the passing  of time, the trees are sparkling after yesterdays rain. This year we have a lot of Autumn foliage to enjoy and then the bare bones of the trees in winter and time to prune, mulch and maintain.  I relish the very clear change of seasons in this part of the world.
The Robinia Trees the we usuallyy think of as a nuisance

Japanese Bamboo
 Pear tree
 The other pear tree


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