After  two big early frosts I thought it was time to harvest the remaining pumpkins. I was really glad to do this as they had got quite out of control and between pumpkin vines and rampant Kikuyu the side garden was very untidy. Next year I will keep them under control!
I grew out a rond de nice Zucchini and a Trombocino for their seeds. They did quite well and the trombocino did a lot better than the conventional Zucchini.

The best of the pumpkins has been the volunteer that grew in Jemima's garden. It produced the bright orange and green pumpkins. I didn't plant these so have no idea what variety they are, but they are delicious, very sweet, they were also hardy and produced well. I don't think they will store that well though so will use them up before some of the harder skinned ones.
I harvest one giant pumpkin, after the earlier disappointment. It is a decent size and I was sure it would weigh in about the 25 kilo mark! not so, it is a meagre 13.7, the record at the Sydney show was 60 kilo! I obviously have a long way to go to challenge this record. I also don't think my one will store well so will not last until the Eugowra show in September. It was a bit of fun though and I will have an other go next year.


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