Enjoying the Seasons

One of the reasons we chose to live here is that there are four very distinct seasons. Beautiful Spring, stunning autumn, blazing hot summer and generally a cold, but bright and vibrant winter. This winter has been a bit different, certainly it is cold, but is has been bleak. No cold frosty mornings followed by crisp, sunny days. It has been overcast and drizzly most days. I was sort of complaining to myself about it this morning and thought about embracing it.
I am fortunate in that despite living in quite a draughty old house, I have two lovely fires that keep the place warm. Since moving here I have also come to love my hot water bottles and , hitherto despised, flannelette sheets.
The idea of a day without taking miss Elle for a walk is unthinkable so this morning I rugged up and off we went up the hill. It was a drizzly, misty morning. I feel very lucky that I have a long Drizabone to wear. When I was younger I worked on a farm with disadvantaged Young people. We worked outside in all weather and I dreamed of owning a drizabone. In those days they were very expensive and no way could I afford one. That particular dream came true, we went to a rugby match and I won my drizabone. Funnily enough I don't ever remember wearing git to work on the farm, maybe the drought started or maybe I had an office job by then. In any case I have had it now for over twenty years. It hasn't really had all that much use but this year it is very handy. It keeps me really dry and warm. With a wool jumper underneath, thick jeans, woollen socks, my gum boots and my new waterproof hat I am ready for very cold and wet weather and we still all get our walk.

As I have the kitchen fire going quite a bit for warmth I have been cooking on it a lot.
Bread cooked in the wood oven is superb.

Here is loaf of mutligrain I cooked last night
and a bit later on I will cook this raisin bread.
Tonight I will cook a casserole on the wood stove and perhaps a rhubarb cake. Why wouldn't I embrace winter.


Christie said…
Anne you are inspiring, I need to get myself a driza, or at least a raincoat. We are in Gippsland and having a very wet Winter so far..and I'm yet to embrace it. I miss walking around the property, I think my toddler is missing it too.
Enjoy those hearty meals.

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