Friends and Memories in the Garden

At the moment every time I look out the kitchen window I am reminded of my mother. This cactus that is blooming came from her garden. Mum has been dead for many years now so it is lovely to look at the plants that came from her garden and that have moved with us over time.

There are a couple of Jade plants as well, when the girls were little they used to pull the leaves off these bushes at Mum and Dad's and use them for money in their "shop" , a double memory. the girls playing and my parents garden.

Many of the plants in the garden have come from family and friends. My friend Rossana gave me my orchids. they started off as three pots and  now there are a dozen. I am pleased to say they are actually going to flower this year. I was thinking of giving them away as they haven't done so well here and I though perhaps the climate was too harsh. Now they have a reprieve and I think i have found the right spot for them.

Just after we built out house at Balmoral Village we visited my sister and her neighbours John and Margot gave a quite a lot of cuttings. At this point we had not even established any garden so they were literally just scratched in. These violets survived and spread throughout that garden. We brought a few up here and they have also survived and spread. They are gorgeous at the moment in the winter garden.
This geranium is always refereed to as "your Dad's Geranium" as it came from Peter's fathers garden. funnily enough i don't remember him ever giving it to us and think it came In a pot with something else. Anyway it is just magnificent and we have lots of it. I am going to use it as a border in my new formal rose garden. It is lovely all year round but a welcome spot of colour in the winter.
Zoe and I planted these Hakeas three years ago, in the middle of the drought. Out of ten, we lost three but the rest have flourished. I always think of Zoe and our tree planting when i look at them. They are just glorious at the moment.


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