From the sublime to the disgusting!

Yesterday I was happy to post about my lovely lotions and potions, beautiful. Today however what I am thinking about and feeling happy about is my new method of catching mice.
The mouse plague is still with us and I am so tired of these horrible creatures. The wire cage traps are working quite well but really don't make a dent in the mouse population. Once caught you then have to drown the mice and empty the cage, yuk! It is starting to turn my stomach.
I have heard of this bucket and bottle trap idea before but it sounded improbable and I couldn't quite visualise how it would work. There was an article about it in the paper on Saturday and I thought i would give it a go. I did a bit of research on the Internet so I had a clear picture in my mind and then constructed my trap.
You need one large  plastic bucket, ten or twenty litres I think. The sort of bucket you have around because things come in them. You then need a wine bottle, an old sock and some peanut butter.
Fill the bucket about half full with water, put the sock on the wine bottle so it covers the main part but leaves the neck and shoulders bare, smear the neck and shoulder with the peanut butter. Balance the bottle on the rim of the bucket, mine is balanced on the framework of the shed, or you could put it on a wooden box or something  similar, it needs to firm enough so the mice don't dislodge the bottle.hat happens is the mice climb up on the bottle, walk along the sock covered portion , start to eat the peanut butter and then fall in the bucket where they down. It works a treat there are about fifty dead mice after less than forty eight hours and they are still almost queuing up to eat that peanut butter. I feel like I am making progress at last and it is not nearly as yukky to just thrown out the contents of the bucket every day.
I've made another one and put it in the garden shed and will also put one in the work shop.
 I am very pleased with the success of my practical mouse trap as my practical ideas don't always work! I'll spare you a picture of the drowned mice although they do fill my heart with joy!


I'll give this a go. Our mice problem is bad, but yours sounds worse. I understand how you feel with regard to the unrelenting nuisance of these rotten rodents. The war can be very disheartening!!

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