Lotions and Potions

I started to make my own face cream a few months ago. I  no longer want to pay the amount that a  nice face cream costs and I found the cheaper ones to be quite horrible. I happened upon a recipe that made me realise that face cream is mostly water! I gave that cream a try and it was quite nice, Just a quarter of a cup of oil, emulsifying wax and water. This time I thought I could improve on this so heated together 1/4 cup of apricot kernel oil, Almond oil, Avocado Oil, that is a total of 1/4 cup so just a little bit of each, heat that with 13 gram of emulsifying wax, warm a cup of water. When water and oil reach  45 degrees, mix them together, add a tsp of vitamin e oil and a few drops of Lavender oil. Stir occasionally  until cool and then poor into a container.
I am really pleased with the result, lovely to use and it looks pretty as well. The thing is there is no going back from this as I now don't want to use anything else.

I have been having trouble with my hands as they were taking a long time to heal after having some sun spots frozen off. I started using some foot cream on them with good results. It was mostly composed of Shea Butter. So I bought some Shea Butter and mixed it up with some Wheat germ oil and Avocado oil. I had to melt them both together. It made quite a firm butter despite whipping git a lot. I will try it again and add a bit more oil and a tiny bit of water. It is very good for my hands though so I am quite pleased.


Kimmie said…
Love homemade lotions and potions :]
Christie said…
I've just started making my own body creams too, Anne. I used a recipe that required rosewater, almond oil and beeswax. It made a very firm cream and as I'd like it a little softer I am going to experiment next time I make it. I'll bookmark your recipe and give it a try I think.
Cheers, Christie.
Anne said…
Christie, I forgot to say i bought my supplies online from here http://www.heirloombodycare.com.au/oils-fats-carrier-oils-c-121_161.html.
The emulsifying wax is just vegtable extract I think but makes a softer product than beeswax.
Christie said…
Thanks so much for that link, Anne, the prices look quite reasonable.

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