My morning Coffee ritual

I cant remember when I stopped drinking instant coffee, many years ago though. I found in my workplace that people were constantly making instant coffee and by the end of the day I felt horrible after drinking it. At that point i changed over to drinking herbal tea at work to be sociable. Probably at about the same time I discovered that I enjoyed milky coffee, Latte or a good Cappuccino. Going for coffee became an occasional treat and then later a weekly trip to Coffee Culture in Bowral became a Saturday fixture. I think my friend Rossana introduced me to the stove top  pot, they have a coffee first thing every morning. Initially i used to make stove top coffee on the weekend. Somewhere along the way I got a milk frother, this lifted the quality of the coffee and made it just like cafe coffee. I don't know why but for me the froth really improved the taste.
When Zoe was at uni and living at home I was spending some time at home setting up my business. She got in the habit of asking me for a coffee every day at about ten o'clock. Some time later I realised that I was addicted to my mid morning coffee.
Its a nice addiction to have, I rarely drink more than one coffee a day and the little ritual of grinding the coffee, filling the pot, tapping the coffee down and frothing the milk is a nice punctuation in my busy mornings. One i look forward to greatly. It is even better when we have guests and all sit on the veranda for coffee. I have a range of sizes of coffee pots from a two person to a ten person one and I am going to add to this as often want a tiny coffee just for me now that I am home more often and quite often need one for four or five. I think i am a bit of a coffee connoisseur and i rarely encounter a coffee that is better than the freshly ground, freshly made home brewed coffee I make.


Tracy said…
Great Anne. We don't drink instant either. I like a sweet, milky coffee in the morning and I usually use an espresso machine or a plunger if there are more than two of us. The rest of the day is herbal tea.
I have a stove top pot but I'm not sure how to use it.

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