Oh Elle!!!

I'm trying to build a garden and raise a puppy, a Border Collie puppy at that, known for their energy and curiosity as well as their intelligence and loyaltyt. Cant say I don't enjoy a challenge. I have invested a lot of time in training the lovely Elle and is most ways she has been very quick and responsive. She is also, I hate to say it, very naughty! She has already had two brushes with death caused by her curiosity,  http://balmoralparkgarden.blogspot.com/2011/04/cautionary-tale.html   
the rat poison episode and then the undoing of her stitches. No doubt she is a precious girl and I love her to bits but she is very naughty! When Zoe was here she decided Zoe was another puppy and persistently jumped all over her, a habit I had thought she had got out of and then yesterday she was back to her old gardening habits. My back was sore so we didn't go for our usual long walk. Every time I looked outside Elle appeared to be asleep. Well no wonder she must have been very tired after all this destruction!
As well as unpotting my plants she also chewed up a poly styrene box I was planning to plant into.
When I reprimanded her she looked suitably chastened. However I clearly have a lot more work to do to get her to leave my pots alone.
Strangely enough she learnt to be gentle with the lambs I am minding almost immediately. She almost seems to be mothering them.
And Zoe taught her to shake hands in about two minutes.
Could she be wilful?


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