The Local Show

Eugowra is very fortunate that a dedicated and hardworking group of volunteers have kept our local show going through the drought, recessions and the general downtown of the community. Many communities no longer have a show. Last night I went along to the show meeting so I can write an informed article for the Eugowra News. One of the things that struck me was that the Show is all about things that are becoming a bit fashionable again and I wondered if I could help capitalise on that. For example home cooking is very popular at the moment, thanks to masterchef I think. Maybe it is only popular in theory and not practice but at least people are talking about it. When I was growing up cooking in the local show was a pretty daggy thing to do and certainly not something I have ever done but these days it is becoming valued again. Two weeks ago on Masterchef a lady called Merle, who is from Cudal, a village near here, was the guest chef, she cooked cupcakes and a peach blossom cake. Apparently now she has a column in the Women's Day!  She has also done lots of radio interviews. Who would have thought that a little old lady from Cudal would be cooking with the likes of Matt Moran! anyway while the show committee are excited about their entertainment program they are a bit blase about the pavilion, cooking, gardening, sewing, knitting etc. so I am going to try and promote these a bit in the News. I am also going to brush up on my show cooking skills and intend to enter some bread, preserves, lemon curd, and a sponge cake. I also hope to enter some vegetables. It would be great to see some  more of the cooking and gardening of the area showcased at our Show.


vicki archer said…
I remember Cudal as one of N.S.W's most charming small towns...maybe because some of my best friends live near Toogong....There is nothing quite as delicious as homestyle country cooking....xv

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