The Stars of my winter garden (part three)

I was fortunate to attend a great talk on garden design over the weekend. As I don't pretend to have designed my garden at all it was quite a surprise to find that I found the talk very interesting and that we have done a lot that is right, at least according to that particular designer. His topic was a garden for all seasons and in a way that is what these past few posts have been all about. It has been interesting to record all the lovely things that we have in the winter. From a design point of view what I have noticed is that the vegetable garden side of the house is quite colourless in winter so we will need to fix that.
Today's photos are of some of the shades of purple we have in our winter garden.
Starting with a native climbing vine that has just emerged of its own accord in the rock area we are developing. It is a very spectacular plant I think. quite a few of these have come up but this is the best example.  I think this is what it is called Hardenbergia violacea 'Happy Wanderer'

The wistrangias on the bank are looking good, both the ordinary and the variegated ones. It is hard to believe these survived through the drought.
There is lots of lavender everywhere, particularly nice in the pink and yellow rose garden,
These little Allysum plants that I grew from seeds are also a nice splash of colour at the ground level. 
There is still quite a lot that is looking great in the garden at the moment so there will be a few more posts yet. I do hope you are enjoying the tour of my winter garden.


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