Cooking with Goat Meat

I cant quite recall if I have mentioned here before that Peter has recently killed some goats for us to eat. He works on a meat goat stud and from time to time kids are born with a condition called shot mouth. What this means is that they will never be able to graze adequately once they are weaned. Normally I think they are put down at birth however as we are interested in cooking and eating goat they kept them until the waning stage, about three months old. Perfect time for Capretto, or milk fed goat. Its a bit of a learning curve to slaughter and butcher animals of this size but Peter is getting quite good at it. Not for the squeamish perhaps but we both grew up with farm slaughtered food and feel it is much better quality and we at least know how the animals have been fed, treated and processed.
I had never eaten much goat before but from the look of the mat knew it would be delicious. The young goats meat looks like a cross between veal and rabbit in my opinion. Quite lean and pink.
So far I have slow roasted a leg, very good and made a curry from the necks and other scraggy bits. The curry was superb. Because the meat is so lean you don't get that slick of fat taste at the top of your mouth that you do from lamb or pork cooked in a similar manner.
I just browned off the pieces of meat to give it a good colour and flavour and slow cooked it in a red curry sauce that I made from scratch.
I just used ingredients I had to hand so blended up some ginger, garlic, a red capsicum, four dried chillies. some cumin and coriander seeds, turmeric and some fish paste, onion and fresh coriander. I fried this off before adding some coconut milk and water and putting the goat in to simmer for about five hours in the slow cooker. Served with rice and more coriander. Very, very good.


Dzoli said…
Who tries goat meat will apreciate it ..very much:) It does need long time to be cooked to tenderness but after a long wait the feast can start:))
Tracy said…
Delicious.We are in the middle of 'duck and lamb harvesting' but goat sounds good. I love curry.
Yes, it is my rice in the Organic Gardener magazine.Only a couple of people have spotted it.

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