The first of the Asparagus and more about the goats milk

A few days ago i saw the first of this years asparagus peeking through. It seems early to me as it has been quite cold. I'm really proud to have established an asparagus bed here as the climate is not ideal. I lost all of the crowns that i moved here from our old home. This lot are all grown from seed as I didn't want to risk the cost of an other lot of crowns. i also tried to establish a little micro climate and they are in a bed bordered by passionfruit on one side and raspberries on the other. They are also shaded by fruit trees in the summer. It all seems to have worked and two years after planting I have my first asparagus to pick. It is such a treat and so different than the asparagus you buy . hopefully we will get a lot before the hot weather starts.

I milked the goat again this morning and achieved 1.25 litres. It all seems quite easy and is a pleasant thing to do first thing in the day. I am wondering what all the fuss about goaty smelling milk is about as to my taste there is very little discernible difference to that of cows milk. In appearance I think the milk is a bit whiter. I'll try a batch of yogurt in the next few days.
When i was emptying my recycle bin this morning i was struck by how much less recycling there will be without all the milk cartons!


Dzoli said…
There you go.Getting there:)I love asparagus roasted:)

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