Goats Milk!

I milked my goat, Elisabet, for the first time today. I've been saying for the past five months i was going to milk the goats but as i had never really done it before i had no idea how it would turn out. We've had a few issues with the goats since the birth of the kids, the main one being that when I out Elisabet back with Genevieve and Fetta, Elisabet and Genevieve started to really fight with each other.  As we were going to be away on the weekend I thought better safe than sorry and kept Elisabet and the kids up in the fox proof stables. Yesterday i decided that was not viable in the Long term so put them all back together. They did settle down after a while. Last night we took the kids away and locked them up in the stable, so there would be some milk for us this morning and this morning I milked Elisabet before letting the kids back in with her. On my first attempt I got almost 600 mls of milk. An excellent result I thought. tomorrow should get even more but this is plenty for our needs anyway. I'm very pleased and think that milking a goat makes a pretty nice start to the day.



Tracy said…
That's great. I'm sure you will have everything worked out soon.
I'm glad the parcel arrived safely and that you are happy with it.
Christie said…
Very cool! How are you going to use it? Straight up as milk or to make things with?
Dzoli said…
I had a little smile when I read you milked your goat for the first time.I am a city girl but as it goes in life ended to be fruit and vege grower(lucky organic one)Have a goat aswell and make goats cheese and yoghurt.Still remember my first time milking it.Keep going it will become routine soon:)
Anne said…
Thanks for the encouraging comments. christie I am going to use it as we normally use milk, for coffee, cooking and yogurt and i hope cheese. Dzoli I would be interested in your recipes for yogurt and cheese :)

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