In My Kitchen

When I opened my fridge door yesterday I realised that almost everything in view was something we had made, grown or processed.
3 bottles of fresh goats milk
1 chopped up goat carcase
1 litre of goats milk yogurt
1 pumpkin
a bunch asparagus
1 bunch radishes
1 bunch parsley
a bottle of Peters home brew beer
numerous jars of jams and pickles
a bottle of peaches

if you look over on the kitchen bench there are ;
2 loaves of fresh sour dough bread
a dozen eggs
a bowl of lemons and mandarins
a bunch of green garlic

In the bathroom there is homemade soap and moisturiser

It feels like we are well on the way to being self sufficient.
Add to this our solar system and wood fired stoves as well.


Christie said…
It must be a fantastic feeling to be seeing, using and eating the rewards of your labour. How wonderful!

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