Milking the goat

Not quite sure what is says about me, but milking the goat is right up there with walking the dogs as the most pleasant part of my day.
The morning routine now is have breakfast, quickly tidy up the kitchen, fill one bucket with warm soapy water, take empty milk bucket, get some goat food and go and let Elisabet out of the pen. This morning she went straight onto the stand. Milking doesn't take that long and we seem to be developing an understanding that she doesn't kick the bucket. This morning got two litres of milk. Then I let the little kids back out to their mother.
I was worried about how I would get the kids up to their shed of an evening as they get bigger so have taught them to walk on a lead, its very funny. will try and get a picture tomorrow.
I was disappointed with my first lot of yogurt, it tastes fine but is very runny. I am trying to skim the cream off the next lot of milk before  I make the yogurt as have read that skim milk makes thicker yogurt, which is a bit counter intuitive but I'll give it a go.
I've got loads of milk in the fridge so will try a soft cheese today as well.


Dzoli said…
I told you it will become routine and I am pleased you like it.When you make cheese dont throw the whey away.I am making ricotta from it and sometimes I give it to the dogs it fives them shiny fur and they love it:(
Anonymous said…
i bet jemima will love learning to milk the goats with Bannie! how does the milk taste in your morning coffee?? kt
Anne said…
I was thinking about teaching Jemima to milk the goat this morning Katie! Flynn is coming for the holidays so will teach him. The milk is good, quite sweet and very white, the cream is very good too. So far I'm dissapointed with my yogurt but will work on it and my first lot of soft cheese is a bit dry but tastes acceptable.

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