My first attempt at making Goats cheese

I had loads of milk in the fridge yesterday so decided it was time to try making some goats cheese, I started with a simple recipe that i found here.
Simply heat up the milk and then add the lemon juice, let it sit for a while and strain. It all worked but the end product is a bit dryer than I would have liked, nevertheless it will be OK on a pizza or something similar. I'll put a bit of olive oil on it as well.  It tastes just fine so I'm looking forward to having another try.

The yogurt continues to disappoint so this morning i have ordered some yogurt culture from Green Living as well to see if this makes a difference. I also ordered some cheese making books and a few other things to get going on my cheese experimentation.
Luckily the milking is going really well and we are getting more milk than we can use in a day. I really want to get a good yogurt though as Peter eats loads of it. As I was ordering my supplies online i thought there probably is another way as in other times people just had to work things out for themselves and use what they had, no ordering yogurt culture online for them or adding in powdered milk to make the yogurt thicker.


Dzoli said…
Well with cheese making and yoghurt making it will go similar as with milking of the goat.You will get bettter and better in it.If it is too dry maybe you are putting too much lemon juice in it.Still it will be very yummy on the bread with a little olive oil and paprika powder.You could even put it in a rameskin or if y6ou have enough in muffin tin and let it stand for tend to naturallyb release moisture and will be harder.I have faith in you as I see that you want to learn.Kepp us posted:)

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