Winter Degustation Lunch at "eat your Greens"

While I often bemoan the lack of eating out opportunities around here we do have one fantastic venue.
"Eat Your Greens" is a beautiful function centre that clever couple Jayne and Neil McMillan created from the old Eugowra Golf Club. When you look at the photo of the club as they purchased it that hangs in the bar you have to admire their vision. "Eat Your Greens" today is a very warm, welcoming and sophisticated environment. The venue of choice for most weddings in the area. As well as being a beautiful venue they serve wonderful food. Generally visits to "Eat Your Greens" are limited to a function that I might be attending there but this winter young chefs Jessica and Ben have been holding Long Sunday Lunches that are open to the public. I didn't get to any of these but last Sunday we went with a group of friends to the Winter Degustation Lunch. I was really looking forward to this and was not disappointed.
After a warm welcome by our hosts we were served the first course of Chicken liver Pate with an assortment of accompaniments. The Pate was superb, velvety soft, encased in a perfect frame of butter and full of flavour. I really enjoyed the beetroot puree that was on the plate as well.
Second course was a Vietnamese inspired soup with prawns. It looked delightful and tasted tangy and fresh, for my taste it could have done with a bigger hit of the traditional Vietnamese flavours of fish sauce, chili and coriander but I am accustomed to these flavours and a fan.
Third course was probably my favourite, a leg of spatchcock served on creamy polenta with a mushroom ragu. Full of flavour and texture. The polenta was delicious and were the mushrooms. the conversation at our table of good talkers almost ground to a halt during the course.
Next came a lovely double baby lamb cutlet, succulent and flavoursome. Served with some delicious vegetables. A very elegant presentation.
I'm not really a desert person but do love lemon deserts. Our lemons were used in these dishes which made it a bit special as well. I wasn't sure about the marshmallow but it caused me to rethink, a tangy lemon flavour, nicely caramelised and hiding a nugget of pistachio ice cream, mmm very good. Of course i enjoyed the lemon curd and lemon syrup cake.
I don't think one single scrap of food left our table. A lovely lunch, great company, fantastic venue.
Well done Jessica and Ben.
I hope they continue to do these lunches.


Dzoli said…
I can tell,you had a nice outing and great food.There is so much fun when you can find places liek that locally:) How is your cheese and yoghurt progressing?

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