Eating out alone...the good, the bad and the ugly

I was in Sydney working last week so thought I would make the most of the opportunity to try some great food. Sometimes I feel a bit deprived of the multi cultural cuisine of Sydney living out here. Sunday night I stayed with Zoe and we went to a Mexican place in Newtown, it was OK, but a bit odd. We both were keen to try the Tamales but they didn't have any! We had a dip that tasted good but was pretty greasy and a toasted sandwich sort of affair that had very good ham in it. We shared a Chicken Mole that was quite good but a bit heavy handed on the sauce I thought. We asked for a desert menu and were told that there was none..Funny place.
Monday I headed out to Parramatta where I was working. Monday night was an excellent hot soup at Pho Pasteur, Vietnamese obviously, great flavour, good price and you feel perfectly comfortable there on your own.
Tuesday I headed to a Saute Thai after much looking around and indecision. It was not a good choice. They sat me next to the toilets and were not keen to move me! The entree of duck on baby cos lettuce, a bit like San Chow Bow was OK and a really nice idea that I will copy for summer party food, but it lacked a bit of punch. My main was a Salmon salad, I expected a small amount of salmon flaked over the salad of green papaw . What I got was a very small amount of salad and a large amount of barely edible overcooked salmon that I suspect had been chucked into the deep fryer. What a waste. The service was terrible all night as well.
On my way there i had walked past this place,, it promised seasonal food and looked really nice. I decided to give it a try on Wednesday night. Sort of a solo celebration after my last day of training.
They welcomed me in, gave me a nice table in the courtyard, great service, friendly but not overly so. The food was delicious, a house made duck sausage and lovely Pork Belly with seasonal veg and delicious cubes of caramelised apple.
A great dining out experience at a restaurant with a great philosophy, unfortunately I live more than 200 klms away so wont be able to sell them one of pigs in the future.


Dzoli said…
I ma pleased you find at least one nice place to eat wel.On the other hand admit you were missing your farm:)

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