Lovely Lucerne

I just love lucerne hay. I'm sure it is the reason our garden had done as well as it has. In the height of the drought we were paying up to $12 for a bale of mulch quality lucerne. Still it was worth it. It both feeds and mulches. On Friday Peter got 100 bales of mulch lucerne for $1 a bale. It is really still quite good quality, some of it good enough to feed to the goats. What a luxury, I now have a haystack
and am mulching with great abandon, thick, thick mulch, to cover the weeds and protect the soil. Mulch to encourage the worms and keep in the moisture.
Last year I grew potatoes directly onto some Kikuyu and mulched heavily, this successfully reclaimed an area from the Kikuyu and is now my garlic patch,

So I made another potato garden.
Mulched all the veggies
Mulched all the rose gardens. This is Jemima's garden, it has grown as she has.

It will be lovely this summer and is already very pretty with the Lavender and Euphorbia. Looking at this picture makes me realise how much Elle has grown as well.


Linda Woodrow said…
I'm envious! Absolutely agree that the key to good gardening is mulch mulch and more mulch. Enough mulch and everything else just works.
Dzoli said…
I use lucerne as bed over earth to grow strawberry(quite a big crop).It wakes over my precious fruits like a parent;))
Tracy said…
$1 per bale, I'm a little jealous. It is such great weather for gardening and get a head start on the mulching before the heat.
BTW, Harira is a soup.
Wow, major mulch envy here!

Lucerne costs us about $15-20 per bale. I keep seeing people in gardening magazines etc using bales to edge their garden beds - it'd cost me less to buy hardwood and make really nice formal beds at that price!

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