Slow roasted goat shoulder

Lately I seem to have so many things to do that the blog doesn't always get a look in. Especially as the days are getting longer and warmer, more time to spend in the garden. I feel under pressure to have things well organised as I will be in England for nearly a month in November when Katie has her baby. I'm also going to Sydney next week to work, running my workshops for the last time! Quite a big milestone really.
I have loads to blog about but think I will go with short posts and hopefully get into a new daily habit again.
On Sunday night I cooked slow roasted goat shoulder. It was Fathers day and i thought I should do something special for dinner. We have got into a bit of a bad habit of just letting days of celebration go by as none of our family is near by but I am trying to make more effort.
So a special dinner was in order.
I marinated two goat shoulders in white wine, olive oil, rosemary, garlic. salt and pepper for the morning. Then cranked the oven up as high as it would go, covered the baking dish with foil and put it in the oven, which I immediately turned down to 135 degrees. I left it to cook away for five hours by which time it was falling off the bone. I'm not sure that my picture does it justice but i literally carved it with a fork. It was juicy and succulent.

To serve I made a reduction of about a cup of the pan juices and a cup of white wine, which I boiled away until there was only about three tablespoons left. then whisked in a dessertspoon of butter cut into small cubes, the result a lovely, velvety sauce.
Served with asparagus, roast pumpkin and baby turnips from the garden.


Dzoli said…
Goat meat prepared right has a flavour which you either love(as me) ot not.People just do not want to take time to try something slow cooked;)( Boy what they are missing:)
That looks incredible. I've wanted to try goat meat for a long time (with an eye to possibly raising one), and you may have just convinced me!

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