and Breathe !!!

Last night in a moment of insomnia it occurred to me that I have recreated the over commitment of my working life for the past twenty five years in my non working life. For the past few weeks I have been finalising the Eugowra Community directory update, a mammoth job and not really my skill set and still editing the News which is also a big job but one I am getting the hang of and starting to enjoy. The lesson I have learnt is not too take on too much at one time either paid or unpaid work.
So I am back in the garden and really want to have it in good order before I go to the UK next month. At the same time I want to really enjoy it. We went to the Forbes open gardens on the weekend and while I enjoyed the gardens we went to I thought that their tidiness owed a lot to the use of round up and felt quite pleased with both the disorder of ours, its productivity and its loveliness.
Not the best time of the day to take photos but these are a few things I have been really enjoying.
Our back path, you cannot walk down it without brushing the lavender and the rosemary. the smells in the garden are intoxicating at the moment.

The Sage and Salvias in this shot. The little red pineapple sage has flowered all winter and the blue sage is so blue it almost hurts your eyes.
I'm also enjoying this bit of the back vegetable garden with the brightness of the nasturtiums in the foreground.


Dzoli said…
Lucky you have the garden to escape too:)) Looks great and with improving weather there will be lot of work(we alreday strted couple of weeks ago) Just take it easy:))

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