Fresh goats cheese with smashed, minted peas

We have a neighbourhood gathering here on the 4th Friday of every month. Thank Goodness its Friday or Happy hour. Each time i make something from the food we have produced.
This month is was soft goats cheese spread on home made sour dough bread with smashed minted peas fresh from the garden.
No recipes, just a soft white bread stick, cheese made by draining the home made yogurt for twenty four hours and fresh picked peas, simmered for a couple of minutes then tossed with olive oil and garlic in a hot pan for another minute or so, just to take the bite out of the garlic, then roughly mashed with a fork or stick blender and finally, a squeeze of lemon, some salt and a handful of sliced fresh mint leaves.


Kimmie said…
Oh wow *drool*

Hey I live in Brissy would I be considered a neighbor? hehehe
Dzoli said…
Wow.You are getting creative with fantastic looking goat cheese;)

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