A matter of focus

There is beauty everywhere you look in my garden at the moment. Of course it is a matter of where you choose to focus as there is also a fair bit of disorder, lots of weeds and much work that needs to be done.
However the amount of plants that we have grown in the time we have been here and their success delights me. The garden is full of stories, every plant has a story and we have thousands of plants.

Take the catmint at the back door. Originally planted for Mitsi the old cat who died not long after we moved here and maintained in an effort to inject some charm and character into our rather dilapidated back area. It was then whipper snipped into almost non existence by an over zealous house sitter and has now recovered beautifully. It lifts my spirits every time I come out the back door.
And the weeping Robinia. This was purchased just before we moved here and i dug it up and transplanted it here. That was before I knew about the suckering tendencies of Robinia's. Once I learnt that I neglected this little tree and thought it would die. It has battled on and rewarded our neglect with these beautiful spring blossoms, it will be a feature in years to come.
Our house sitters rescued this little tree in the drought and isn't it lovely. You should see the bees that are buzzing around these lovely flowers.
I bought this yellow broom about twelve months ago when we went on a gardeners bus trip to Narromine. It has grown really quickly and been flowering for about six weeks now. I must get more of these.

The Smoke bush is in contrast to most of the other colours in our garden so really stands our. It has battled as well but I believe it is quite established now. I am doing some research as to how to propagate this.



Dzoli said…
I see you are starting to trully appreciate and enjoy seed of your labour.I am happy for you as I know exactly the same joy;))

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