More about the roses

The bush roses are flowering and they are looking a picture. This is how I envisaged them when i planted them three years ago. Essentially the plan is that they form an attractive windbreak in an  area that was quite exposed. They are now about a metre high and at least a metre wide and should grow much bigger than this. I am enjoying looking at them and remembering what that space looked like a few years ago.

The first blooms are in the new Joey bed, so the new baby cant be far off! Hope it waits for me to get to the UK though!
I am also really loving the Masquerade roses that I planted on the "structure" that Peter built. It is actually starting to look like a Rose Arbour and not like the skeleton of a Tardis.
Peter's mother has just spent a few days here and she enjoyed dead heading the roses and filled all the vases with lovely fragrant blooms as well.


Dzoli said…
They are indeed a very pretty sight:))

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