I have always loved roses and planned to grow hundreds in this garden. I know people say they are a lot of work but to me they are the most rewarding of plants. We already have about 150 I think. This climate is well suited for roses. In our old garden they struggled to have enough light, here there is an abundance of light, the air is generally quite dry and our sandy soil drains well and can be mulched heavily. Of course we have a ready supply of various animal manures and this year lots of cheap lucerne to mulch with.
There has not been a day in the past twelve months when there was not least one rose in the garden.
This year we have the best spring blooming of roses since I have been here. They are usually at their best in the autumn. but at the moment quite spectacular.
I am looking forward to the new Joey garden blooming and the first flowers on the standards. They are about a week off I think as are the bush roses which should be lovely this year.

the Just Joey's in Jemima's garden are stunning

as are the Peace roses in the pink and yellow garden. Mum had a lovely Peace rose in our garden at Premer so they always remind me of her.

 The lavender is at its best at the moment as well so makes a lovely contrast to the roses. We have planted lavenders in almost all the rose beds as they go so well together.


Kimmie said…
I just love your garden!
Dzoli said…
Yes and between beautiful lavender they smell and shine even better;)
Tracy said…
Lovey Anne. We are a bit behind with the rose bloom, I only have a handful right now but soon...

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