Seasonal food

My quest to eat seasonally and from our garden has brought some huge changes in the way that we eat.
No more thoughtless following of popular recipes and food trends. If its not in season we don't have it. If there is food here that needs to be eaten we don't buy in other stuff.
Now don't think we are in any way deprived by this, I would say we eat better than ever, our diet is very varied, my cooking is more creative, more driven by ideas and less by recipes and neither of us has had so much as a sniffle in the past twelve months.
Having said that I must admit to be just a teeny bit over mandarins, (we've been eating them since July)
Now there are so many berries the leftover citrus doesn't really rate a mention. The Mulberries are in full production and just look at these strawberries. Luxury!

What I was  really thinking about when I started this post was the potatoes. We have never been huge potato eaters but I would have always had potatoes in the house. Now we pretty much just eat the ones we grow so we have  not had any potatoes since about May, except when we have had guests who are fussy eaters. We've eaten a lot of pumpkin in that time and I now have only one pumpkin left to use. So when i was cooking dinner last night I thought it worth a bit of a hunt in the garden for some new potatoes. these ones are from a plant that grew where I had buried some kitchen scraps.
Just lightly steamed, they we delicious. We'll be eating potatoes for a few months now as there are lots of vines and varieties to choose from. By the end of summer we'll be ready for some pumpkin again.


Tracy said…
You are a little ahead of us here with potatoes and strawberries already. They look delicious.

Seasonal eating is a great way to live. I'm sure it is cheaper and healthier too.
Dzoli said…
I am so happy that you enjoy your garden products.Nothing better than that.Soon my strawberry field will be ready too.Can't wait;)

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