A Bush House

Peter has built a Bush house for the garden. Somewhere to propagate,grow seedlings and most importantly keep plants out of the reach of Elle. Although to be fair she doesn't often take the plants anymore.
We bought the frame for the Bush house at a garage sale, I think it was the top half of a trailer crate or some such thing, anyway Peter saw the potential for it to become the Bush House and now a couple of months later here it is.

Very neat and tidy

And it has allowed us to clean up all the mess of propagation and dog proofing plants that I had behind the shed. This in turn allows us to easily mow and whipper snip around the shed.

There is even a tap inside the Bush House.

We really have so much in the garden these days that we will rarely need to buy plants and we both enjoy propagation and I find I have much greater success with vegetables that I have grown from seeds so it is great to have a purpose built environment to do all this in.


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