Incompatible Aims

I've had quite a few incompatible aims in my life, family and career, garden and travel etc, usually its a juggling act and part of the richness of life. At the moment the biggest challenge is to grow a productive and attractive garden and raise a Border Collie pup. We've had Border Collies for many years, Angus is over thirteen now and I don't remember his puppy years but Zoe was home to play with him as well. Last year we got Elle Macpherson and she is just beautiful. It has been a joy to have her and also time of great anxiety as we have almost lost her twice! She is just a bit over one now and coming along nicely, a lovely nature and great fun. I thought that the worst of her puppy behaviour was behind us and then I discovered her new game!
Our pome trees have been struck by coddling moth again and in an effort to save at least some of the fruit, especially the quinces, I put little sokcettes on the fruit. All was going well until I began to find the fruit in the sockettes spread around the garden!

The lovely Elle thinks it is her new game and she picks them off and then plays with them. I'm sure she knows its wrong as well but she just keeps doing it. Maybe next year.

The other creatures that are doing damage in the garden are the current crop of young turkeys. Prior to this I have always thought that Turkeys don't scratch and haven't minded if they came In the garden. These lot come in at every opportunity and they do scratch. They have scratched up a lot of seeds. the problem is they need to be out free ranging but they can then find their way into the garden. Usually by the time I hear them they have done quite a bit of harm. I must say I'm at a loss as what to do with them.


Zoe Heath said…
Maybe when you get your sheep she will stop playing with things in the garden.

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