Its a jungle out there

Its hard to believe that just a week ago I was congratulating myself that I had all the lawns mowed to the same level. No mean feat in this garden and I think the first time it had ever happened. I was very excited about this and my intention was to keep it that way. Well the best laid plans and all of that! Firstly I had to get the first Eugowra News out for the year so that cut into my gardening time considerably but still Peter was away for the weekend and i planned to do it all then. Instead it rained and rained, we have had 50 ml in the past few days, not much to you Northerners I know but for here it is heaps and it has been very Humid. consequently my Park is a jungle again. I hope it will be dry enough to mow before we go away on Saturday.

While I was taking these photos couldn't resist some snaps of the little guinea Fowl, aren't they too cute

And the ring in.


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